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Dr Adam Knox returns from the war in Afghanistan a little rougher, a little wiser, and a lot more inclined to kick it to the ones at the top. The ones in charge.

He sets up a clinic in Los Angeles’s most notorious district, tending to the vagrant, the vulnerable and the victims of skid row. One night they’re beseeched by a Romanian woman who comes in with her son. Her bruises give away a story she’s too scared to tell; escaping from traffickers and forced prostitution to try to get her son back. He was kidnapped by his father – who happens to be heir to one of the most influential dynasties on the West Coast.
That same night, Knox is called upon for his private health service – cutting out a bullet from a businessman who was cutting himself a shady deal. Impressed by his ability to keep a secret, the impatient patient offers Knox a big tip for some extra work: helping him get revenge on the gangsters who shot him. Knox – and his clinic – need the cash.

Playing one team against another, Knox must keep his wits scalpel-sharp. If his diagnosis is on the money, he might be able to trick the gangsters, free the Romanian mother and put the ones at the top in their place for once.


Dr Knox portrays an all-new Los Angeles, rendered in a wild, all-new style. It's a crackerjack crime novel; everything pop-pop-pops and lures you deeper and deeper into Peter Spiegelman's luminous vision. It's a thrilling book
James Ellroy
A gripping and properly thrilling cat-and-mouse chase . . . Written with verve, style and no small amount of skill, Dr Knox is a great piece of 21st-century noir.
Big Issue
Knox walks the kind of mean streets that might have given Raymond Chandler nightmares . . . Gives his private-eye style adventure a thrilling edge
Irish Times
A unique hero who lingers to heal bad guys, and whose medical crises are as thrilling as car chases
Wall St Journal