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‘Chilling, intelligent, and highly addictive. Superb.’ Will Dean, author of Dark Pines

Three women have been found dead in East Anglia. The police deny a connection. TV news reporter Frankie smells a story.

Ava knows the threat is real. She’s been kidnapped by a stranger who seems to know everything about her. Now she must fight both to stay alive and to stay sane.

As Frankie follows the case, she enters a terrifying online world where men’s rage against women has turned murderous – and where her persistence will make her a target.

The Death Knock is a compelling story of the hunt for the truth – at all costs.

See what everyone is saying about this brilliant read:

I was enjoying the reading of it so much, I slowed down the number of chapters I read at a time, in order to savour it for longer!’ Amazon reviewer

‘A great read, both thought provoking and chilling.’ Goodreads reviewer

‘A story that pulls you in immediately.’ Amazon reviewer

‘Easy 5* here… a tense atmospheric mystery that is highly addictive.’ Goodreads reviewer

‘A fast paced and intelligent thriller.’ Amazon reviewer

‘Cleverly plotted. Highly recommended.’ Goodreads reviewer


I tore through this book, my heart hammering with Ava's and my head pounding with Frankie's. Fast-paced, unpredictable, and disturbingly real, THE DEATH KNOCK reminds us at every turn what is so frightening about that which is so immediate. Do not flip the page without keeping one eye on the last!
Rebecca F. John
Elodie Harper employs her journalistic background to great effect by breathing life into her gritty news reporter protagonist as she pursues a terrifying serial killer in East Anglia. Frankie's investigations lead her into increasing levels of danger including the menacing attentions of a rabidly misogynistic blogger, a warped advocate of the so-called men's rights movement. A highly-charged and topical thriller.
Vaseem Khan
Gripping and suspenseful.
Neil Spring, author of <i>The Ghost Hunters</i>
Gripping, chilling and physically impossible to put down. She scares me. But I loved every second of it.
Ross Armstrong, author of <i>The Watcher</i>
This book is so scarily realistic with a chilling plot and vivid, likeable protagonists. Very clever! This should be on TV. Warning though - it will keep you awake at night! I couldn't put it down.
Claire Douglas, author of <i>Last Seen Alive</i>
The danger feels real in this young-women-in-peril gripper.
Karen Robinson, <i>Sunday Times Crime Club</i>
Chilling, intelligent, and highly addictive. Superb.
Will Dean, author of <i>Dark Pines</i>
From the first page, you have a sense of the harsh realities a journalist must face, but more than that Elodie Harper takes you into the mind of not only the victim, but the killer too, with convincing chilling clarity.
Amanda Reynolds, author of <i>Close To Me</i>
Well plotted and well written.
Literary Review
The author's journalistic experience adds authenticity to a gruesome chiller with a killer so creepy you'll be double-locking your door.
Sunday Mirror
Riveting and scarily believable, THE DEATH KNOCK left me gasping for air.
Laura Purcell, author of <i>The Silent Companions</i>
Haunting and wonderfully written.