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The Late Train to Gipsy Hill

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781472286154

Price: £8.99

ON SALE: 2nd September 2021

Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Thriller / Suspense / Espionage & Spy Thriller

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A woman hiding a deadly secret. And the man who went in search of adventure, but found himself in danger …

Gary Nelson has a routine for the commute to his rather dull job in the city. Each day, he watches as a woman on the train applies her make up in a ritual he now knows by heart. He’s never dared to strike up a conversation . . . but maybe one day.

Then one evening, on the late train to Gipsy Hill, the woman invites him to take the empty seat beside her. Fiddling with her mascara, she holds up her mirror and Gary reads the words ‘HELP ME’ scrawled in sticky black letters on the glass.

From that moment, Gary’s life is turned on its head. He finds himself on the run from the Russian mafia, the FSB and even the Metropolitan Police – all because of what this mysterious young woman may have witnessed. In the race to find out the truth, Gary discovers that there is a lot more to her than meets the eye . . .

Readers love Alan Johnson and The Late Train to Gipsy HIll

‘A fast-moving plot … expertly told. The fact it comes from the pen of a former Home Secretary makes the rich security detail all the more powerful’ Alastair Campbell

‘Espionage, the Russian Mafia and a gorgeous female on a train with a deadly secret’ Fiona Phillips

‘Johnson’s writing style is easy, relaxed, self-deprecating . . . impressive’ Observer

‘Johnson writes wonderfully’ Telegraph

‘This boy can write . . .’ The Spectator

What's Inside

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The Girl on the Train with a dash of Russian poisoning and a classic femme fatale
Sunday Telegragh
A fast-moving plot, complex but all too credible, expertly told. The fact it comes from the pen of a former Home Secretary makes the rich security detail and the myriad relationships all the more powerful.
Alastair Campbell
A smart, captivating, modern but timeless thriller.
John Marrs
Blends gentle humour and brutal assassination into a cracking crime thriller
The Sun
Fascinating and ingenious.
Melvyn Bragg
Featuring espionage, the Russian Mafia and a gorgeous female on a train with a deadly secret, the tantalising plot has set Alan up for dominance of the bestseller charts for years to come.
Fiona Phillips
Is there no limit to his talents? Not content with being a top politician, and a very nice feller, he turns his hand to writing four memoirs, which win prizes and awards and sell bucketloads. God I was spitting with envy. Why didn't he just stick to politics? I absolutely loved Alan's new thriller, it's brilliant.
Hunter Davies
An enormously enjoyable caper that switches fluently between the fugitive duo, flummoxed cops and émigré spooks, intellectuals and gangsters.
Sunday Times
A very promising start to a career in fiction
Daily Mail
It's Johnson's witty, genial presence shining through the story that makes The Late Train to Gipsy Hill worth reading
Daily Record
Fast-paced, whimsical and charmingly genteel, The Late Train to Gipsy Hill is a hugely enjoyable caper
Irish Times